Saturday, 18 February 2012

You don't know, if you don't try...

So, this blog marks the next step in my adventures in Craftland. I became absolutely addicted to all things crafty when I was preparing for my wedding in 2008. All the invitations I liked were well above our budget and I thought, "what's to lose, I'll have a go at making some." I had always crafted with my daughter, but never really explored it for myself.

The results were simple and executed fairly well. They took an age, but cost pennies to make, and gave me a calm haven to hide in when the wedding preparations started to get stressful. From the invitations, I went on to make favour boxes, confetti, confetti cones and even made the tiaras for me and my two bridesmaids!

Taking some of the techniques I learnt from this, I started making homemade cards for family and friends, then handmade gifts, and set up a Facebook page, Handmade Gifts by Woo and Sammylou, in 2011 with my sister (who bakes).!/HandmadebyWooandSammylou

I now sell cards and other gifts to family, friends and work colleagues, and am in the process of building up my client base. I have recently branched out further, and a selection of my cards are now available to buy at Made in Coventry ( ) along with a selection of other lovely goods all made in the City of Coventry.

And the blog? Well, I'm not sure if I'll be any good at this, but you don't know, if you don't try and I'm looking forward to being able to share my creations with a wider audience. So speak to you all soon, and I'll leave you with my latest make.

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