Friday, 6 April 2012

Increased work stress = reduced creativity

So, despite my best intentions, the blog is already being neglected. The strain of staff shortages plus  working part-time in what really is a full-time role, has had a major effect on my creative mojo.

My creative process, which usually flows easily, has been stifled by the payroll deadlines and difficult caseworks currently occupying my time in the day job. Crafting has always been my escape and I have to say I'm rather annoyed that my work life is encroaching on my safe haven.

I have been managing to complete orders, although they are taking more time than usual, but it's all the other stuff I want to do that's being stifled. My head is brimming with ideas and I have had no time to experiment. It's not good for the soul, and has made me realise how important being creative is. It's part of my make-up and this isn't something I would have recognised a few years ago. I need this to flourish as a person. Yes, work pays the bills, but it's my creativity that allows me to grow. 

So, am off to make some stock for Made in Coventry and make the most of the Easter weekend. I am going to make just a little time for me, to do what I love to do. And I encourage you all to do the same. Don't feel guilty, the only person who suffers if you don't do this, is you.

And here's a little selection of what I've been up to:

Happy Easter, Sammylou xXx


  1. These are fabulous Sammylou. Good luck in your journey through blogland.

    I am a new follower too.

    Linda xxx

  2. Your card is lovely, I love Easter time, it is ful of cards with pastel colors

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Thank you for your comments - I love to read them! Sammylou xXx