Wednesday, 14 August 2013

If you're a crafter you won't be offended...

by me mentioning the C word. Yes, in crafty land the season is nearly upon us when we dig out our Christmas stash and think about the cards we'd like to make to send to friends and family, as well as the stock we need to make for others to buy! New ranges are being introduced and I take the time to work out what I need (nothing really!) and what I would like to buy (almost everything!)

I love Christmas, my Mum was fanatical about it and we always had a Christmas grotto in our family home. My Mum always said it was for the children/grandchildren but we all knew it was for her really! After her death, Christmas lost a bit of lustre for me but I am happy to say that my fondness has now returned, thanks to my own children and also the sweet memories I have of my Mum at that time of the year.

So while my fourteen year-old daughter is disgusted with me for having the Christmas stash out I am choosing to revel in it and wanted to share with you one of my favourite cards I created for Christmas:

It's not the greatest photo but unfortunately it's the only I have as these were made for family and I am notoriously rubbish at taking photos of the cards I make for my personal use but am trying hard to improve.

So enjoy your Wednesday and I will see you on Friday for another Funky Friday share. Hopefully my daughter won't have disowned me by then!
Love always, Sammylou xXx

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