Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Why buy handmade?

Hello :) and a happy Wednesday to you all!

I've recently been thinking about the merits of  handmade cards and why they are so much better than store bought, or even the so called "personalised" efforts you can purchase from sites such as Moonpig.

I am of course a complete convert to the handmade card (shocking I know!) but if I was asked why you should pay a little bit more for a bespoke card when you can get seven for £1 from places like Card Factory, my reasons would be as follows:

1. It's the thought that counts - a handmade card gives the recipient an idea of how much they are loved. You have taken the time and effort to make (or order) a card that truly reflects the recipient.
2. It's so much more than a card - I know I am a tad sentimental but it's always lovely when people who I have given cards to say things like, "I always keep yours." It's not just a card, it's a permanent keepsake
3. They are unique - yes, they might be similar but no two cards are the same.
4. And this may be the most important reason: you are helping to support independent businesses in a difficult economic climate and perpetuating a little creativity in an increasingly faceless retail sector.

And on that note, I would like to show a card I recently made for a 21st. The brief: she loves Pride & Prejudice and Post Secrets. And here's what I created:

And if you can find something that meets the brief in your local Clinton's, I'll eat my hat :)
Love to you all and see you back here on Friday for another Funky Friday share.
Sammylou xXx


  1. That is stunning! I have been lucky enough to see some of your work first hand. You are such a talented lady xxxxx


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