Friday, 11 May 2012

I Love Sketches by Tsunami Rose - Day 10 (Baby Steps)

A late post for me, mainly due to the fact that I wandered off to purchase some lace after work. Spurred on by some fabulous support from the rest of the Design Team and seeing the wonderful creations from Daisy, I decided to overcome my fear of all things lacy and attempt to put some on my card for Day 10. This post is subtitled because it's all about baby steps!

I love the vintage look, but in some illogical way, it absolutely terrfies me. So, it may only be on the tags, but the important thing is, it is there. To check out Daisy's designs, please visit

You know the drill by now, so here's the sketch:
And here's my card:

It was made using some Tim Holtz distress card and some rather fabulous free papers from a cardmaking magazine. I printed a friendship quote by Tennyson then distressed the sentiment with old gold ink. Of course, it's me and I do find it quite hard to make a card that doesn't include some input from an embossing folder, so there's a little bit of that in there too!

Why not check out the rest of the Design Team's creations and see how truly talented they all are:

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Am off to bed now, so see you all tomorrow with Day 11.
Sleep tight, love Sammylou xxx


  1. Great job with the vintage look!

    1. Thanks Kate, it's new territory for me, but will keep working at it xXx

  2. So pretty, gorgeous colours and I love the embossing
    Lindsay xx

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I've got a real obsession with embossing folders ;)


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